Planning for rocky Raccoon…

Here is a pic from last year’s Rocky Raccoon. I had a great time and a great race. This year is looking good. We have a fantastic weather forecast: 60s and lows in the high 40s. So much better than last year’s 27 degrees. At first I was disappointed I had not signed up to run there. But, this is Doise’s race and I gave her my word I would help her make a fast loop 4 (miles 60-80), so she can have a 100 finish. I believe we can do it, and then she is onto the home stretch of only 20 more miles! I went to the store and loaded up on gels so I am ready!

I went ahead and signed up for the Waco 50K. It is up there with Bandera for difficulty. I want to do some hard things and toughen up a bit before I decide on my next big move. The internet is very dangerous. It is so easy to read about epic sounding runs, see other folks’ pictures reports, and think “Ohhh, I want to do that”. It is a whole different story when the training really starts, and I think of a 4+ hour run on the greenbelt alone. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is wonderful, but sometimes it is a “sufferfest” as Meredith would say. I would rather toughen up at a race where I can feed off the energy of other people. Anyhow, I am looking forward to running it in about 5 weeks.

Started my new job today. Only did HR stuff, no work. I am happy to start, but oh so bummed I am the new kid with no seniority and no vacation. Just a few months ago I had more vacation time than I could possibly take. In the end, I am trying very hard to be positive that I came out ahead with a new job. a lot of us say our jobs are not important, but I just cannot do that. I spend too much time there for it not to matter to me. I like my work to challenge and fulfill me and I want to look back at it with fond memories, and not too much bitterness. Yes, sometimes it robs me from the things I want to do. But too much of life is spent there for it not to be something that overall is a positive experience.


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