Revenge of the nerds…

Looking at these photos of Rocky Raccoon makes me laugh. what kind of person walks around with a light on their head and thinks it is
a rational thing to do!!! This past weekend was the rocky raccoon 100, and it did not go as planned. I was to pace Doise from miles 60-80.

At the Lodge, we got word she was slowing, after having done great all afternoon. Henry took me out to Aid station 174 to find her and run her in to start Loop 4. When she came through, she was not in a good place. She had some pre-migraine stuff going on, and she was tearful. The short version of the story, is I tried every trick I had up my sleeve to get her to assess if dropping out is what she really wanted to do. I was pretty persistent, and this process lasted a long time! She made her decision to drop, and my duties ended there. I left not too sure if she was mad that I had pushed so hard to make her think twice about quitting. I just wanted her to make a decision that she could live with in the morning when some of the misery wore off. 100 milers take away some of your rational thought process. the end result is she felt she made the best decision, so I am satified with my “pacing” effort. Doise gave 100%, and the fact is finishing a 100 is not always in the cards. Walking away giving your best effort is all you can do, and some of it is left to fate. I applaud her efforts.

It was fun to watch some folks finish and folks work hard to keep up the effort. the weather was PERFECT, and I almost wish I had signed up for the silly thing, since there are not many years with of a low of 60 (beats last year’s 27 degrees!!!) it did get me thinking about how much I love to take on a challege, and maybe, just maybe I will do another 100.

I am a little off on my running schedule with the new job and 645 am work times. I am hoping to get back on track starting with the marathon, and then I have a couple fantastic 50Ks before Boston. It would appear a real vacation is out this summer due to the new job, so I think I might just be selfish, and take a long weekend and do an out of town run….at least a 50 miler.

In non-running news, I am putting in an application to volunteer at the volunteer healthcare clinic, a couple nights a month. I hope it works out, as it sounds like it would be a perfect fit for me. I have been wanting to do some volunteer work for awhile, but I was holding out for something where the hours and work suited me. this fits both criteria…should be fun and rewarding if it happens.


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