Austin "Ouch"-athon

Here’s a shot of all my Austin marathon finisher’s medals. Yesterday was #9. I wasn’t super road trained, but not too worried, I had done a 100K 6 weeks before, a 20 miler 4 weeks before and a 12 mile road run the weekend before, plus my daily 6 mile runs. Certainly I could finish.

I car pooled with Steph so we could park at her downtown office and wait in a nice heated building at the start. after some back and forth, I convinced her she would almost certainly finish before me, so she would need to wait at the finish for me so we could walk back to her building together (she had the key, it was locked). I told her if she waited past 4 hours, she probably missed me, and to head to her building. How could I take longer than that?

Things started just fine. I chatted with Dmitry and Kathleen, and Kathleen (Steph’s cousin) and I ran about 4-5 miles together. we lost each other, and around 10 miles in my legs started cramping. I thought it was temporary, but it got worse and worse. strange, marathons do hurt with all the concrete pounding, but certainly I can go more than 10 miles before I start to hurt.

Things continued to hurt…and not a normal my muscles are tight, but a crampy pain. It was in my quads, then moved to the arches of my feet. I got slower, and slower. My garmin wasn’t charged, so I had no time keeping method, so I had no idea what pace I was on. I was pretty worried that Steph would never find me at the end. I thought of dropping and I started having to throw in walk breaks, but thought “how humiliating would that be, and how in the heck would I explain that one to steph.” It was a very bizarre thing happening though…the only thing of note I could think of was the night before and the night before that I had woken up with a terrible charley horse (usually means your potassium is low). 2 nights in a row is kinda weird, so I wondered if my salt and potassium were just off. However, I wasn’t too upset, as this was not a goal race, and I was more worried about Stephanie not finding me than anything else.

I hobbled along, and saw a timing clock and realized I wasn’t that far off 4 hours, so hopefully steph would just wait for me. saw the HCTR tent and almost started crying when they offered me a cold coke. I hobbled through the finishline, in 4:10, and saw meredith. Am I a wimp that I almost considered crying? Luckily I caught myself: “I ran a 100 mile run. I can’t cry at the end of a marathon!!!” Meredith said Steph had gone to her office to look for me, thinking she had missed me, so I hurried down Congress Ave.

Found steph, told her about what a big fat baby I was, (she probably was not surprised 🙂 and then we went to the bathroom to change and go home.

Ok, warning, things get a little graphic here. I peed a dark reddish/brown color. Ok, now I am a little concerned. See, over the years, I always joked with the doctors I work with that “I gotta race this weekend…off to get rhabdo!” Ok, nurse humor, but I have seen my share of it over it the years in patients. Usually not from exercising circumstances…I had a guy once that was a suicide attempt by an overdose, fell asleep on his arm, kept breathing, didn’t die, but his weight in that arm for a couple of days caused the muscle to breakdown, now he has rhabdo, now renal failure, and it looks like he might die from that. Funny how that works……

I felt like the kid in A Christmas Story “oh no I shot my eye out!” “Oh no I got rhabdo!”

Anyhow, I seriously was worried I would have to go to the ER, and how in the heck could I save face if anyone I worked with knew I got rhabdo. All the runs I have done and our little ol’marathon shuts my kidneys down. I would never hear the end of this from my surgeons (we really give each other a hard time). So I was more worried about all the grief I would get more than I was worried about my actual health.

So, basically I went home, parked my butt on the couch with a blankie and hydrated like mad. Was peeing normal by dinner time, and feel fine today other than normal post run soreness. I think I was just very dehydrated going into the run, hence the charley horses and the muscle cramps. No ER visit….whew!

so, I guess I am good to go for my next adventure in a few weeks. Another Austin marathon is in the books.

2 thoughts on “Austin "Ouch"-athon”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. You and Kathleen both had great posts! Thanks for putting up with me for yet another Austin marathon. I note that we both have the same number of medals, but I don’t have the little tear shaped one. I think you must have started a year before me and missed one along the way.

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