No Lance here…

Did I ever mention I am the WORST cyclist in the world? I have no idea why, Michelle
says your running ability should translate to your cycling ability. Well, I am glad I don’t run as a poorly as I cycle. I mention this because today Stephanie and I dusted off the mountain bikes to explore Hyde Park today. these are ancient photos from the Wildflower ride several years ago. I would love to be a better cyclist and use it as a running alternative, but I seem to be unwilling to put in the time to do this. Although, a goal of mine for summer/ spring is to bike more. Part of my hesitation, is our sucky bike lanes in Austin. I have a fear of being hit by a car, which apparently a lot of cyclists here do not. so, as a result, I am super slow and never seem to work up much of a sweat, so I never think of it as the best workout. I hope to improve this summer, but I doubt I will ever be much of a biker. I am doing the Rosedale ride this year.
It is pretty pathetic I find running 60 miles easier than biking 60 miles. I am really just doing Rosedale for the shirt….they are always awesome designs.

Not too heavy on the running this weekend. Did the greenbelt with Pancake on Sat. Hit all the hard hills and tried to push it. Waco should be interesting in a couple weeks. I can no longer ride on Bandera’s coattails…..I am just not in shape. Oh well. I’ve heard many ultrarunners says “Never let a little thing like training prevent you from doing a race!” Did 15 today, and it was ugly. My legs are still fairly shot from last weekend’s fun run. I felt terrific for about 10 miles and then it was 15 miles of misery. I will be scheduling a massage soon…..the jello thighs are in need…

On the recipe front, I am going to test run a new mac and cheese this week that I am making out of a couple recipes. If it turns out good , I’ll post it.

A couple of things to check out if you have time: Mike and I are on a sci-fi movie kick. got 2001 in HD, and it was awesome. Highly recommend it. I had actually never seen it all the way through. It always amazes me how many movies I don’t think would get made today. In 2001, there is little talking, things are implied, and not explained. Today’s blockbusters are constantly yelling in your face….it is nice to see something different that assumes the viewer can figure things out on their own, or interpret as they would like.
I have a new favorite running and work album (since I wear headphones at work a lot): Vampire Weekend
Despite the silly name, they are very Housemartinsesque. Also, got the Juno soundtrack. good work tunes….

Got a hopefully low key week coming up. Next weekend is easy running before the double 50Ks.


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