Sleep, precious sleep…

If there is one thing my life lacks it is sleep. I spend all week looking forward to the weekend, when I can nap and catch up a bit. I much, much prefer to run before work as opposed to after (when I would rather go out to dinner, walk Pancake, have a glass of wine, or run an errand). As a result, I get a daily 415-430 wake up call and an out the door time of 5 am, to make 6 miles or so, and a 645 work time. did I mention how much this can suck?!? now it is self inflicted, but some mornings it is just tough….especially in the winter. It was easier when I was meeting friends, but now that I am solo with my new work schedule there are days it takes some serious motivation. I try to make it into bed by 1000 at the latest. doesn’talways happen. I know that isn’t too bad as far as hours of sleep go, but when I add it up over the week, come thursday and Friday, I am tired. My body just needs more than 6 hours a night. I read about elite runners who sleep 12 hours a night and take naps….ah, heaven!

the positive to all this, is when I get to work, I feel incredibly alert. I can tackle a lot in the morning. But, come late afternoon, I am wanting more coffee, and when I get home, I sometimes think, “would it be wrong if I just went to bed now?” the fact is, I am probably no different than most Americans. Most jobs are not flexible with start times, and if you aren’t running in the am, you are taking kids to school, riding the bus, or doing a long commute. And, when we do take vacations, they are go, go , go and most every one I know returns says ” I need a couple days off now to rest!” Hmmm, I might need to move to Mexico…don’t some businesses there even shut down in the late afternoon for rest time?

Update on mac and cheese: We are now tied. I made it again tonight, and go the sauce to mac ratio was good, and the chewiness of the macs just right. I just need to perfect the 3 cheese ratio….I needed more of a cheddar taste in tonight’s batch. I am taking some time off from it though…I don’t think my arteries can do another night of all that cheese.

I am ready to tackle my 50Ks! this weekend is easy running and a massage. I hope that is what I need to perk up for next week before Waco, which unless you’ve done it, you will never believe me how hard it is. got a full week though…HCTR meeting, volunteer clinic, work, and the run. but, right now, I am going to BED!!!!!


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