Blah, blah, blah…

I’ve included this photo, because sometimes I wish this is where I was….nothing feels so freeing as going to places like this. It is amazing how easy it is to forget “normal ” life when you are somewhere this beautiful and away from it all.

anyhow, things are not bad, just the usual busy state. I am officially sick of running around east Austin alone at 5am. I miss my little running group. I’ve tried to pretend I am running in a quaint little New England neighborhood or something, but then I see an old mattress in the gutter, or a feral pitbull, and I think “who am I kidding?” This morning marked the first time I said “F— this, I just cannot do it.” I hope my early arrivals at work get a reprieve soon.

Speaking of work, lots of friends have asked me exactly what in the hell I am doing now. I still am not 100% sure myself, but here it is in a nutshell: To be designated as a trauma center you must do a registry and have process improvement. I am a trauma registrar. Right now, I review charts and collect a billion data points, some of which are purely statistical, some which are process improvement indicators. A lot of the data goes for reports I write (or am learning to write) for physician peer review. Every trauma death gets reviewed. That is why I joke it is the ultimate goth job. anything bad that happens in the central Texas area, I get to have a part in. Although I no longer take care of these patients, I still feel I have an intimate role in their care. It is quite fascinating to review the deaths, and review every detail. Some folks get plain lucky and some just don’t. There are a heck of a lot of stabbings and shootings in Austin too. Every single injury gets attention down to each little facial bone fractured. With each review, it is like recreating the whole big picture, and it is hard not to imagine the people involved. Some have crazy, screwed up things happen to them ,and I often think “That is someone, not too different from me, on their way to work, and look what happens.” the guys here from Mexico who get devastating injuries on a construction job really tear at my seemingly non-existent heart. Kinda sucks how some guy just trying to make a living, gets dealt a bad hand. But as the saying goes, bad things happen to good people.. anyhow, that is a little hint of what I am doing about 10 hours or so everyday.

I am looking forward to my little bout of 50Ks. They should help me plot my next running move. I’ll do a little something this summer…even with limited vacation time, I at least have to do a long weekend. It is too hot and too long of a summer to not escape at least once. Don’t know if I’ll do a summer 100….it is unlikely. I see new ones pop up all the time, but it seems to me like they try to out do each other in difficulty. Can’t there be more “easy” 100s? I just do not feel ready to tackle elevation and rough terrain for 100 miles. which makes me think, maybe I should just do the Texas trilogy (Sunmart 50 miler, Bandera 100K, Rocky raccoon 100 miler) next year, and take advantage of what I have in my own backyard. And, given that I will never have vacation time for at least a couple more years, it would be wise to pick races I do not have to travel to. And did I mention I am a lazy long-runner? I love doing races as long runs, so I don’t have to plan weekends to be out on the greenbelt for 8 hours. a “series” of races leading up to a goal run is a perfect way to train.

Well, gotta run, and pack some stuff up for Friday’s trip to Waco, since I start my new volunteer job tomorrow night. I am soooo sick of being the new kid, but if I don’t bite the bullet and start this volunteer work, I will never do it.

waco report to come….should be cold (cold front coming in, yuck).


2 thoughts on “Blah, blah, blah…”

  1. Hey Clea- I am a nurse too in Austin. I have a hard time fitting in my am run and getting to work on time too…. I am usually up around 5. I am surprised we haven’t crossed paths at work, i work with Dr Kelley at the craniofacial center, over at Dell though not Brack. Were you at the ABLS certification the other weekend? I would be happy to meet for a run sometime before work. Tues or Friday is best for me. I have a seton email, “sross” is my prefix.Susanne

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