Good times in Waco?

did the Waco 50K today. this photo is of the steps we got to run 3 times, but more on that later. This is a great little local race, which most folks seem to highly underestimate. It is pretty, it is HARD, and it is well done.

Doise agreed to go with me and I was thrilled to have company. we decided to get a room Friday night to avoid a 3am wake up call. we left right after work, and as expected, traffic was awful. we finally made it in about 730, and ate at the Elite Cafe…a great restaurant in any town, but especially for Waco. The rolls were served with toasted coconut butter…cannot beat that. Then we got malts at the Health Camp, I love vintage restaurants, and this one didn’t look like it had changed since 1949. We got to our hotel room, which was actually quite cozy, and had a pretty good night sleep, all things considered.

In the am, I awoke to bad  heartburn. A late, heavy meal tends to do this to me. Bad heartburn = time in the bathroom for me, let’s just put it that way, so not the best way to start a race. doise was doing the 10 miler, which had a later start, so she was dropping me off and going back to the hotel. It was nice to do a low key, small race, I didn’t have to get to until right before the start. I didn’t have much time to think at all before we were off.

VERY cold temps had hit texas the last 48 hours or so, and the starting temp was 29 degrees. Last time I did this thing it hit 90…not today!!! The sun was out, so it was never horrible, but I did have some moments of very cold hands. I started off slow, and chatted with a lot of folks. I quickly fell in with leapfrogging with a guy named Ryan, and Charlene, who I already know from austin. the 3 of us went back and forth chatting for close to 20 miles. The course was as hard as I remembered it, but with one sadistic extra. At the end there was a flight of stairs (in the picture)..that were unreal. the picture doesn’t truly do them justice. They were hard as heck on loop one, and and loop 3; pure agony. It doesn’t even seem like the park can have them open due to safety. It seems like if you took one wrong step, it would be a tumble like you wouldn’t believe.

Loops 1 and 2 flew by. I was feeling good, and having fun , pretty much running with people the whole way. I saw Doise before loop 3, and she looked liked she had enjoyed her run, despite the stairs. I started hurting on loop 3. Mostly quads and hips…heck who am I kidding…it was everything from the waist down. I am forever grateful to Mark Lindsey for hanging with me and being a great conversationalist, and really passing the miles. We talked about everything, and time flew by. It made my aches and pains much less.

finished up and hung out for a bit enjoying fajitas and sodas. Doise had got me a latte from a local coffee shop which was terrific. she also volunteered to drive home, which was another good thing, because I was really spent. I am feeling ok now, but sooooo exhausted.

Overall, a very fun day. This was the first race in a long time I did not use my ipod. I seemed to have company the whole way, and it made for an extra fun day. despite the cold, it was just a beautiful day, and the course is really quite pretty ( I love the bamboo section). Doise and I joked about what a great little overnight trip we had to Waco, TX of all places.

One reason I keep doing ultra runs is for days like today. Yes, I had a little struggle ,but I could get over it, and I talked with so many different and interesting people. It was long enough that finishing felt like a true accomplishment. Right now, I have an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion, but I hope to recover enough to do it all over again next weekend.

4 thoughts on “Good times in Waco?”

  1. Congrats on the win, Clea! It was a pleasure chatting with you on Loop 1. My 5-0 became a 2-0 after the downhills took their toll on my hip flexor, but it was a fun day nonetheless. Sure I’ll see you out there… Miles K.

  2. congrats! Came here through Kathleen’s blog. I did the race too, but only the 10 mile. Those steps – okay who’s idea of a joke was that! They look much less steep in that photo.

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