Spring fever…

It’s spring break in Austin, and soooo hard to work. south by south west is in town, and for the first time I got to attend an “official” event. One of the physicians I work with was a panelist for his blog and at the last minute we all got a pass. It was fun to be in all the hype. In all my years in Austin, I have only gone to unofficial events.

My focus this week was on recovery. I only ran 2 days. this is very unusual for me. I was pretty sore after Waco, even my stomach muscles were sore(I blame the stairs). as I type this, I seem to have forgotten, because I am ready to roll saturday at Prickly Pear. good thing too, ever have one of those weeks? I had a lot of things going wrong, and being busy, busy, busy. I think I need this 50K this weekend to work off some frustrations.

So, I enter my favorite season in Texas. It is short, but our one little glimpse of perfect weather. Everyday is one to get out and remember the long 9 month summer is around the bend. every weekend matters….because the days of hiking, biking, and just strolling will come to an end in a couple months. Running will remain, but become harder and require a lot more fluid.

Well, off to watch Lost…more news after the weekend…..

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