Happy first day of spring…

Ok, stirfrys are not much of a recipe, but we are so spoiled in Austin, with great veggies year round, you don’t need to add much. This has locally grown spinach and onions. Red bell peppers and asparagus from somewhere far away. Yummy tofu too. I love tofu. I also add olive oil, tamari, and pepper. that’s it. If the veggies are good, that is all you need. I also must plug veggie Heaven if you really want a good stirfry.

I am soooo happy it is the weekend soon. It will be nice to not have a race and have 2 full days off!!! This was a busy week. This new job is keeping me busy. today I think I got seasonal affective disorder since I am in the basement of the hospital and have no sources of natural light for 10 hours a day. I will also make a plug for the Cap 10K. this year Brackenridge is the beneficiary, and even if you are a trail runner and think 10Ks are stupid, you should consider doing it. I am sooo happy to finally see adult patients getting some very much needed $$.

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