Nice spring weekend…

No big runs this weekend. It was one of our very limited warm, but not hot weekends, so I tried to be out as much as I could. Saturday I ran Walnut creek with Pancake and had a great time. I am always amazed that runners avoid this place. I did a one hour run without repeating a single inch of trail. It was really green and pretty out. Next, we went to Bastrop state park with some friends to just walk around and enjoy the pretty weather. We ate at the roadhouse, and had great burgers. the park was beautiful this time of year with dogwoods in bloom and these cool ferns everywhere that seemed out of place for texas. Got home, watched a movie, and fell asleep pretty early. Got up this am and did a road run. It went pretty good. It was supposed to rain, but it was warm and sunny so we met up with some friends at Zilker park, and I took Pancake on the greenbelt while Mike played disc golf. it was really too crowded though, due to easter, and we didn’t stay too long, plus it was getting cloudy and gross. We went to whole foods, and I had their awesome vegan burger, and now we are just relaxing at home. the weekends just go too quick.

Got a lot of races coming up, nothing too epic, but all should be fun. I really just started thinking about Boston. While the marathon is no longer a big challenge to me, it is so much fun to be there and get to do all the big city things that we do not have. I just started looking at museums this weekend, and making plans. I have the Capital 10K next weekend, and plan on making it into a long run. I am going to run to the start, run it, and run home. If the weather holds, it will definitely make it more fun. I will probably be the only 10K runner with a camelback….Then, I have the Maze 30K. I love this race and it is one of my favorite local races.

I decided to skip the Rosedale Ride. It is a lot of fun, and I want to get a little more time on my bike, but I just have too many events this month. As it gets darker later in the evenings, I hope to get a little biking in after work.

I plan to spend the next couple weeks trying to get a little road speed back to have a good race a Boston. Then, refocus on trail running.

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