Capital 24.9 K

Here are a few photos from the weekend. Saturday started with another great run at Walnut Creek without seeing another runner. It is a terrific way for me to get a “speed” workout, because Mike drops us off and comes back in exactly 1 hour, so to do my normal route I definitely have to bust it to avoid keeping him waiting. Saturday night we went to a neighbor’s party for delicious homebrew. I snuck out early to get to bed at decent hour for our Capital 10K long run. I met Stephanie at 720 in Hyde park, and the plan was a 5 mile run to the start, run the race, and then a 5 mile run back to get in a long road run, since I’ve done nothing long on the roads in a long time, and Boston is 3 weeks away. the run downtown was fairly uneventful, but damn, it was humid. I was soaked. We were meeting Steve at Sandy’s Frozen Custard. Made it down in exactly 5 miles. Now, Friday night when I picked up stephanie packet for her, I was questioned as to why was I picking up a number for an elite runner. I told them she was not an elite, and they double checked, “nope, Stephanie is registered as an elite.” when we saw Steve, it turns out he was registered as an elite too. The 2 elites were kind enough to agree to run with me. When we entered the start, I got yelled at for trying to sneak in, and Stephanie and Steve were told they “could go where ever they wanted” due to their elite status. We had a good laugh about it. The race started, and it was rainy and oh -so muggy, but it was nice to run 6 miles much faster than I would have run on my own. I have no idea of my real time since I forgot my chip, and set my Garmin to track us from the beginning of our run. Steph said we definitely had a couple sub 8 minute miles in there, and I hope she is right. I finished just famished, stuffed a granola bar into my face (after being asked if I was a volunteer doing chip collection…why is it so hard for people to believe I actually run?) and we decided to start out run back to hyde park before we were tempted to ask Steve to drive us back. We ended up at 15.5 miles, a little under my goal mileage, but on a hot, muggy day with a big, fast effort in the middle I could live with it. I am officially on my way to Boston now.

I noticed my upcoming runs to be pretty sparse. Not sure what plans the summer holds. I have no time off, but I need at least one long weekend to escape to somewhere. Hopefully I can manage a marathon or 50K over the summer to keep my training up and keep me occupied. I will be looking over some options, and hopefully have some plans in the next month or so.

2 thoughts on “Capital 24.9 K”

  1. Sounds like an interesting morning! Karen and I walked early, and we got caught up in it. We ended up having to walk across the finish line, and a couple of guys there said, “you’re the first to cross the finish!” We were proud.By the way, I finally posted on my blog…

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