21 Days Until Boston…

Here are a couple pictures from my first Boston. It was so much fun. It is such a great city. The tombstone is from one of the many graveyards in the middle of the city. Check out the date….1690. That just floored me…it is very surreal for those of us who live out west to think that anything in a city can be that old.

Yesterday’s run turned out to be great….I felt like I had a hard effort on my run this am, but I was not sore. That was the goal. It felt great to run fast for a change!! I didn’t start training soon enough to really be successful at Boston (as in run another qualifier), so my goal is break 4 hours. 3:45 would be a qualifier, and as much as I would like to think I can do it, I have focused on long, slow runs for awhile now. Plus, I really think running my biggest goal race (Bandera) early on in the Texas running season, it’s made it hard to really do well this spring.

I am torn in my goals the last couple years. On one hand, I used to be pretty quick as far as a recreational runner goes. But, I ran all the 10Ks- to half marathons I could, and ran with a group of mostly guys (and Stephanie) much faster than me. And it all went to my one big marathon of the year…sometimes 2, but not more than that. Fast foward a couple years, and the minute I decided to run Sunmart I had a dramatic slowdown. I think I need those shorter races to keep me on my toes. However, I love the huge feeling of accomplishment of finishing a big distance. what a high.

This running season I told myself no super long runs…50K at the longest….and not too many of them! really good runners just train for a peak for a couple races. I try to do a ton…like my friend Kathleen (check out her cool blog).

So what do I end up doing? Bandera 100K, 3 50Ks, and a marathon. Not the best way to focus. I really admire folks who can pick their key race and really focus on it. But, I love a race weekend. I love seeing my running friends, and the great feeling of crossing a finish line. So, I just keep signing up for stuff.

I have been thinking on my runs lately, that maybe next year I really will just focus on a couple races. Can I do it? I definitely think I will see better results. But then again, does it really matter? Isn’t this just a hobby? And hobbies are supposed to be fun. Ahhhh!!! What if I put this much thought and goal making into my job? Wouldn’t I be a little kick ass trauma nurse registrar then? But I digress…

Anyhow, I am looking forward to my Boston trip. The time away from work will stress me out, but oh well. The food and sightseeing will be a blast.

To switch gears…I have not been making many full recipes lately to post. Just lots of tofu stirfrys with whatever veggies are fresh, and lots of salads full of avacado. Whole Foods just rocks…yeah it’s expensive, but the veggies are so, so yummy. Made banana bread tonight, and realized it will be on my next ultra menu for sure. What an easy to eat, perfect mid race food.

My latest recommendations if anyone even cares: 2 great documentaries: Girls Rock!
and The Unforseen.
Thanks Moogy, for Girls Rock. What an awesome documentary. Highly recommended. And, everyone in Austin should go see the Unforseen. It really made me think about the city I live in.

New favorite tunes at work has been Jens Lekman.
These are the most creative, funny lyrics. “Night Falls Over Kortedala” keeps me going during my 10 hours of sitting on my butt at work. Very cool stuff.


1 thought on “21 Days Until Boston…”

  1. I’ve never been fast, but back in law school I was running 20 minute 5Ks and winning some age group awards. (Mostly because there were very few 24 year olds getting up early to run races in New Orleans.) I’d run one marathon a year. Lately, I’m running 8-10 marathon or longer distances races a year. Hmmmmm….

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