More great spring days…

The last weekend of Boston training is over. Saturday I had a spectacular greenbelt run with Pancake. It poured one day this week, and it never got super hot, so it was greener than normal. It was really stunning. The wildflowers are out, and it was one of those rare runs that ends and I actually want to go further. I hadn’t brought water or gels, so that was a deterent to run further. Today I did an 8 mile road run. Once again, a beautiful morning. I later walked Pancake to “Lake Mueller”…the beginnings of the hike and bike park in the Mueller airport development near us. it is still rough, but there is potential. Pancake played in the big fake waterfall, and we watched the MS150 bike race going by.

I considered not going to Boston, since Mike cannot go, but I decided I would probably regret it if I didn’t go, so I am still in. The weather report is out for race day, and it is colder than I would like (50s), which means most runners will be very happy! (I am a much bigger wimp than most runners). I guess that’s what warm clothes are for. I have completely overextended myself this week…as I always seem to do when I am going out of town. I’ve committed to working late, going to a concert (maybe), plus my usual packing stress and insistance I do a full cleaning of my house before I go out of town. I realize all of this is my own self inflicted neurosis…..but I just cannot seem to help it.

So, I don’t know if I’ll be back on the blog this week, but I’ll take some pics in Boston (probably mostly of food….) Bring on the real Italian food….


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