I freaking love Boston…

finally some time to sit down and write. Boston was awesome as it always is. We had perfect weather. I was worried it would be too cold, but it was just right. The first thing I did there was go watch the Olympic trials. It was so awesome. The course was set where we got to see the runners several times. It was inspiring, and definitely made me want to be faster! The crowd was incredible too. Not as good as the marathon’s…but so many folks out to support these ladies, most of whom have kids and full time jobs, and are just hard workers and very fast.

Next, I wandered town a bit with Steve, and had fresh scallops for lunch. Steve let me crash his room for a nap (my hotel was a little far from marathon central). we read the marathon program together and laughed at Mike Huckabee’s story, until we realized he runs the same pace we do. The shirts in the packets this year, were the best shirts ever, so another bonus. We then headed out to meet Stephanie, Bill, and his fam for Italian food. I got my favorite Boston treat…a cannoli.
Isn’t it beautiful? Got a good night’s sleep, and then marathon morning arrived. The start got bumped up to 1000 for wave one and 1030 for wave 2(me). soooo much better than noon. the wait in Athlete’s village flew by and steve and I sat on the uninflated floaties stephanie bought us, and wrapped in blankies. Stephanie was kind enough to start with me in slow wave 2. We were off before we knew it, and the usual Boston fun started. Wall to wall fans cheering for us! Things were fantastic for me until Wellsley. After the way cool “scream tunnel”, I was feeling my legs and hips. I shouldn’t feel them at mile 13. Trying to keep a pace stephanie could live with was a little out of my comfort zone. I encouraged Stephanie to go ahead, and slowed a bit, within a couple miles things were good again. This run’s special because it is the only marathon you will ever do that is so celebrated. a whole city cheering you on, restaurants on the course selling marathon seating for big bucks, and college kids wanting to high me with my slow ass pace, how can you beat that! The last few miles are the best. This year I tried to focus only on the fun, and not my painful hips and feet. I don’t know if I’ll make it here again, and being part of such a world famous sporting event is something to be savored. Crossed the finish line just under 4 hours and I was fine with that. I didn’t exactly train for this.

I hope I can make it here again. I wish Mike could have come. I love running this race, and cannot describe how cool it is to feel like a pro athlete for just a couple hours. I agree with Steve that have so many people tell you “Congratulations!” the rest of the day is a neat thing. They really take care of the runners there. Had a great celebratory dinner with Stephanie’s new inlaws…they were nice enough to invite me. more fresh scallops!

spent the next day walking around the North End, and seeing a very cool IMAX movie at the aquarium. I went to the aquarium with about 75% of the marathon runners, so it was a little too crowded to be fun, but trekking around town was fun. This was my favorite shot I took:

Now that I am home, I am already thinking about how I can qualify again. It is not easy for me…..time to pick up the pace!


1 thought on “I freaking love Boston…”

  1. It’s a long shot, but if all goes well, I have hopes of and clearance to run Austin and Boston in 2009. But, as I said, it’s a long shot, especially Boston.

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