Back to reality…

Not the best shot, but it does showcase Pancake’s amazing athleticism. Now that Boston is over, and Monday looms, time to get back to normal…sigh….life. Always a little sad. It was a nice recovery weekend. Did a Hyde Park run on saturday…no trail due to very heavy rains. I took pancake, and we ran all over Hyde Park, to UT and back for about 7 miles, with NO hills. Very nice recovery. Today joined the group for the 7 mile town lake and got utterly drenched. It was raining so hard, it was hard to see in front of me. Next weekend is the Maze 30K, which I didn’t even realize until a few days ago, so despite tempatations to run more, I forced myself to be good and try to recover. today we saw a really good movie, called The Visitor, which I highly recommend. Mike made it home from Tokyo, on friday night, so we got to spend the weekend together.

Nothing too exciting on the horizon. Not sure if I will do the whole trail series this year or not. so far I have only signed up for the maze. I also am not sure of my summer running plans, I would like to do at least a fall marathon or 50K, but not really sure what will pan out. It is fun to check out all the different races online. All I know is, I have to at least take 1 long weekend away this summer, May-October is just too long to endure the humidity without a break. A short term summer goal I have to is run the scenic drive from Bastrop to Buescher state parks. I’ve wanted to do this forever, and Mike said he would help me (kinda need someone to meet you at the other park). That being said, if anyone wants to run the full 24 miles with me, I would love the company. It is super hilly and just beautiful. It is a road run though, but lots of shade and pine needles underfoot. I have biked it before, and always have wanted to run it.

My big news is I have an appt to get new ink! Well, not entirely new. I am getting a cover up tattoo of an old one, something I have been wanting to do for years. I finally met with an artist I really liked, and I am super excited. Only bad thing is she did not have an opening for 2 months! I suppose it says a lot she is so popular, but I can hardly wait. I have planned something out with her, but I am remaining silent until I have a picture to post of the real thing.


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