The Maze 30K…

I didn’t get any pictures today, so here is an old picture of walnut Creek. It was a beautiful weather day, and I knew that I was still tired from a marathon 2 weeks ago, so I just sat back and enjoyed a nice long run. It was fun, I ran with a friend the whole way and never felt tired. I got home and eventually needed a crash for an hour or so, but overall, I realized how much easier trail runs are than road runs. Sooo much less painful. Not sure if I will do the whole series. It kinda dawned on me today I run out there all the time for free, so it is sorta silly to spend all the money the races will cost. they are fun, so we’ll see. I’ll at least do one more, and maybe will do the next Warda 30K run in a couple weeks, since it is for charity and under tall pines, which is my favorite type of trail in Texas.

The weekend just flew by…that is the bad thing about a race, it sorta dominates the weekend, and time flys.

I was looking at my last post and hope it doesn’t seem too negative. It’s been a very difficult last few months for me in my job, and sometimes escaping sounds really nice. I rethought everything, and I am just going to have to really dedicate my energies into making this job work. I have to, I have no other choice, and I can’t spend more time feeling so defeated, so watch out work, here I come full force ahead…

Mike and I did watch a great documentary last night. “Air Guitar Nation”. A super funny, but not a joke documentary. Highly recommended…got it on netflix

1 thought on “The Maze 30K…”

  1. Congrats for yesterday! I am so happy you got to run with Luisa! It was great to see you. Even if it doesn’t happen right away we can continue to dream of fun out-of-town adventures!mer

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