A blog about nothing…

Forgive the old running pic, I am just about out of running photos. Nothing too newsworthy to type out, but a friend recently told me any writing you do is using your brain, no matter how fluffy the writing may seem, and that is a good thing, especially when I find myself reading less and less these days. I really do try and keep my mind stimulated, and since I do not have a very intellectual job, I think this is important.

Speaking of fluff, I do want to point out my blog probably makes me seem a little one dimensional. Like all I care about is running. Well, I won’t lie, it is a big part of my life and I can claim 20 years, at least 5 days a week most those years, and the math adds up to a lot of running and more races than I can count, but I do have other interests. But, when I decided to do a blog, I really didn’t think I was up a full diary, to bore people (if anyone would really read it), with my mundane thoughts and worries…so I decided to keep it pretty light. I occasionally drift away from running, and fluff , but overall, the blog will stick to mile after mile!

A couple friends expressed interest in my idea to run the scenic road at Bastrop state park, and we talked about the weekend of May 31st, but I don’t think it will work since that is the weekend of The Loop 30K…which I might do, since that is the last race for a few months for me. If you want to run Bastrop, let me know if there is a weekend that works for you.

A friend who shall remain nameless retired from marathons recently. He just confessed to me he is coming out of retirement to try to qualify for Boston in a fall marathon….so it is on!!! Mike is helping me pick what will be a nice little long weekend, and what will be a good marathon. Alaska may not work this summer due to my dismal vacation situation, but we are thinking maybe Lake Tahoe. the course doesn’t look too hard and it is an easy flight to get there.

Otherwise, I am just riding out the week, waiting for the weekend. Plan on the 10 mile loop that is really 8 miles at the greenbelt and then the St Ed’s loop the next day. I also want to hit a state park, as the count down has begun…..maybe just a couple more weekends before it is equator in the middle of July hot….

Hope you get the reference I made in my post title..


2 thoughts on “A blog about nothing…”

  1. Hola, Clea! After the Andy Payne marathon is couple of weeks, I’m not running any races until the fall. I’m going to do San Antonio in November, White Rock in December, then the 100 km at Bandera. Rocky Raccoon will be my first 100 mile attempt. Your plans?

  2. I am not sure what my fall winter plans are. I am pretty sure about sunmart and Bandera, but I am leaning towards the 50K this year. I might do SA marathon too. Maybe I could pace you at Rocky…I doubt I’ll do the 100 there. Good luck at your marathon.

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