Had an appt today for the tattoo. NO….I did not get it today. I know this is a good artist, because first there is a pretty long consultation to go over everything I want, and no rushing into it. I had a conflict come up for the actual tattoo appt day, because it looks like I am out of town then, so I was bummed when she told me there were no openings until July 😦
At the last minute though, she found a cancellation, and now it is 3 weeks away!!! I cannot wait, been wanting to do this for years, and just realized I can afford it, and need to do something that has been in the back of my mind this long. This photo is a hint of what I have planned, although, there is going to be some major color. Whoohoo!!!

Went to a pretty cool research forum at work today, and it was really nice to hear about all the great stuff we do! I learned today we are the busiest level II trauma center in the nation. Wow! It is always nice to have a moment of pride for your work, and very motivating. No wonder it seems like we have so much work to do. It definitely helped me take some steps to feeling like more of a part of the team, so for this week, things were a little better. I hope to keep going in that direction, as it is pretty neat to be a part of something so valuable to the community and that does such an important job.

I think I am 100% recovered from Boston marathon, then the Maze less than 2 weeks later. I am pumped up for some greenbelt running this weekend, even though summer is here…..but at least we still have water in the greenbelt.


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