Just found out I don’t have to work Saturday and Sunday. whoo-hoo. still gotta work Monday, but I can deal. Very good news though.

Been running all week on the new Mueller trail. There was a lot more than I initially thought. From my house, I can do 3 miles, so I just turn around and do an out and back for 6 total, but no streets! What a treat. I discovered a second little lake to run around that has native water plants. Lots of water birds have reclaimed it. I read the other day that while the Mueller airport sat vacant for a decade or so, native grasses took over, and native wildlife moved back in. Makes sense…I’ve seen owls, hawks, egrets, and coyotes…..and I live in the middle of austin where things are quite developed. I was happy to see a beautiful native grasslands section of the trail done, so I hope these critters don’t leave. I doubt the coyotes will stay though.

Next weekend is the Loop 30K, so this weekend is fairly light running. It worked out well since despite the work getting called off, I still have a ton going on. Tomorrow is a wonderful greenbelt run, and I get some company for a change. Pancake is excited…


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