State of the union…

This weekend was Stephanie’s wedding. We had a lot of fun, and in honor of the event here is an old photo.

I do confess, it made me wonder if my little running group adventures are ending. Things change and go so fast before you know it, it is just not the same routine as always. before you know it, you realize you haven’t talked to this friend or seen that friend in ages. I hate that! I hate losing those bonds with people…so I hope the adventures continue. I hope despite the fact our lives sometimes go faster than we can all keep up with, that we don’t forget one of life’s great pleasures, of those moments spent with friends.

It was the hottest wedding I have ever been to, as the weather here has been dismal. how does 98-100 with 80% humidty sound? yesterday’s low was 80 with 80% humidty. A little depressing to think we have 5 more months of this. I find myself determined not to become addicted to air conditioning, and still go out for evening walks, and the bike rides that I decided to start, but damn, it ain’t easy. I guess it is a little eaiser to tough out the cold (and I may eat these words this winter).

Didn’t do a ton of running this weekend, with all the wedding events. That was ok, since next weekend is my last race of the “running season” (In Texas, roughly Oct-May), The Loop 30K Should be fun. I have a goal to keep up at least one good 3 hour run every 3 weeks or so this summer. so far the trail races have kept me on track, but we’ll see how it goes.

I asked myself this week…”why in the heck do I live in texas and deal with this awful weather?” The answer is my friends, my home, and a great city with tons to do. I hope that is enough this summer. I miss the outdoors in the summer, as hiking just ain’t happening. I have some plans to try yoga and maybe indoor rock climbing this summer to make up for it, but there is something to be said about outdoor adventures. But, I have always been inventive and not one to sit and gather dust, so I am looking to this summer to explore some new interests. Gonna start right now, and start reading a new book…more to come.

oh, and I almost forgot the best news of all.  I  found out I am getting  a little niece or nephew in a few months!     I can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “State of the union…”

  1. Hopefully you’ll discover that riding for several hours in 100 degree heat is much more pleasant than running for several hours in 100 degree heat. When cycling, you always have a breeze in your face. The faster you ride, the stronger the breeze.Long Live Long Rides

  2. Thanks, mark…I swear I will get out there more this summer. Just gotta learn to be a better cyclist, but that won’t happen looking at my bike in the garage!

  3. Is that the front of your house? ;)I think that I might take up biking too, mix things up a bit. I also might learn the guitar and take some spanglish classes. But the heat doesn’t really bother me that much. Good training for going to Singapore in Aug…THERE it is humid.Moogy

  4. Moogy…I hope you are kidding about “is that my house?” That is some estate in Woodstock Vermont we saw before the Vermont 100

  5. Clea,You were the best maid of honor of all time. Bill totally agrees with me. Great toast, great song requests, and my train, well it was never left untended :-). Seriously though, I really appreiciate it. No worries about the sisters. This is a beginning, not an ending! Congrats on your niece or nephew!!! I think you will find that they are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Steph

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