Hidden treasures and finding an old friend…

An old photo, but tonight I took my French Kitty Mt bike on an awesome spin through the Mueller grasslands. I hit the undeveloped part…it is truly a little paradise in the city. I had never really explored what sat vacant for a decade. It is definitely a bird watcher’s destination. I don’t know enough to ID much of what I saw, but they took it over! I never realized you get a great view of the city’s skyline. It was a very nice, relaxing ride, and it was a nice reintroduction to Mt biking. No hills, but lots of dirt roads, and no cars! This will be a good start to my mt biking. although next time I will not eat a really giant, rich avocado salad and glass of red wine. Major stomach cramps.

I’ve really been enjoying reading my friends’ blogs, and their friends’ blogs, and then strangers’ blogs. there are some very talented writers and photographers out there. I stumbled on this blog the other night: www.arcticglass.blogspot.com
I don’t know the person who does it, but it has amazing pictures and is very inspiring to go out and try an adventure. So, if you actually read this blog, please check out my linked blogs, and their linked blogs etc. It is a great thing to be inspired by the lives of ordinary people.


3 thoughts on “Hidden treasures and finding an old friend…”

  1. Thanx for the link to that blog. The stories and pictures are indeed fantastic. I’m beginning to ride my bike to and from work more and when I figure out my new pedals on my mountain bike I’ll take it out. Maybe a bunch of us can hit the trails.

  2. yeah, that is a way cool blog. I wish I had some more exciting material for mine, but how many times can I post pics of the greenbelt and bastrop?I would totally be into meeting for a bike ride. we could do warda or RHR. I am a little partial to Warda since Damon does so much to support trail running…and we still gotta do that Bastrop run. We have some plans to make!

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