When Mike is out of town I am such the little healthy eater. Here is one of my usual dinners: a big salad with avocado and a glass of red wine. See, I’m too lazy to even put it on a plate…I just shake it up in the tupperware with Mother’s cashew –tamari dressing, the best freakin‘ salad dressing ever. Then Mike gets back and we go out for pizza or something…oh well, at least I eat good every now and then.

I have scraped all running plans past this weekend for now. I think I have made a break through, and talked my running soul mate out of retirement. So, if he will do another marathon, all runs get planned around that. Plus, it looks like I may be doing baby/ nurse duty beginning of january, and that is more important than planning a run (remember , NOT my baby, my sister-in-law’s..don’t want to start rumors). Both those plans kinda cancel out sunmart and bandera, but I have done both before and I can always do rocky raccoon in Feb. But, I do think I get to do the Dr. Pepper 10K this year. It has been on my to do list a long time. I love small town races.

This am I had a nice run with Pancake on the hike and bike. I got a free pass to miss a Thursday 630 am meeting, so I had time to go. It sure was crowded. The training groups are out in full force. it amazed me how many other folks were out at 530 to run. Sometimes it’s nice to see all the folks starting their day the same way I do, and I feel very energized from the trail. Other times, it’s nice to go somewhere very solitary, and soak up the alone time. It’s nice that I have plenty of options for both.

It was a good week. Monday I worked, but with no one else in, it was a nice quiet, stress free day. the week flew by, and tomorrow my dept is hosting the regional trauma conference, so it’s kinda like a freebie work day. Plus, some of the speakers sound really good. My cool boss then takes us to a happy hour at the Domain. Mike sent me some really cool pics of sweden…he has such a more exciting job then I do…but I am too much of a planner to do last minute travelling like he does.

Well, gotta go. Final season episode of Lost…yes I am a geek….


1 thought on “Mmmmm…”

  1. Yeah, LOST is getting weird. I’m watching it right now. Poor bunny. I think that we need to see more of the black death mist. The whole LOST scenario reminds me of life on the ship. If a heli comes for some reason we all gather to watch it and if someone comes off it is weird seeing a *new* person out there. They are sorted treated as an outsider.

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