The Loop 30K

while this isn’t the exact same trail, it is the same park, and shares the common theme…lots and lots of cedar.

Today was the loop 30K, my last long Texas race for several months. ever have those mornings you wake up and think, “was this really a good idea?” I woke up thinking I could have run 20 on the greenbelt on my own, and that this really didn’t sound fun. Oh well, I signed up, and won’t be doing this for awhile, so I should enjoy it.

I knew ahead of time it was going to be very hot. It was forecast to be 99. So, I knew I wouldn’t be my fastest. The course had also changed this year and was run in the opposite direction. It found this gave it more steep downhills, which can really tire the legs. The start was pretty congested, and I really thought I had made a mistake signing up for this, but then, as things spread out, it became nice. The trail is just a little too eroded, as it is primarily for motorcross, so it is very dusty. I started to get into things, and was starting loop 2. About halfway through, a came onto another runner who was sprained his ankle, but he was also a little heat exhausted and feeling faint if he stood up. No huge deal, as there were other folks there, but I stayed and helped out, ran back to the aid station got some ice and coke, and managed to take 30 minutes. No big deal…I had forgotten my chip anyways, and I really didn’t care, only now it was even hotter, and I had kinda lost my desire to run this thing. I thought about how silly I would feel about dropping out of this for no reason, so I started loop 3. All in all, in wasn’t too unpleasant. I ran alone a lot, and the heat definitely made me slower, but WHO CARES! A race like this is really just a fun run.

I got home sooooo tired though. I hope it was just the heat, as I really want to keep a 20 mile training run base all summer at least. I took a shower and immediately fell asleep. I feel much better now.

Sometimes I think I should limit my races to only those that are fabulous. Either very pretty, a special place, or one that just has lots of sentimental value for me. This race is well done, but with the very eroded trail and the endless cedar, it isn’t the most exciting scenery. I much prefer the variety at the Maze at walnut creek. This is one reason not to do Sunmart come December. I have seen Huntsville state park a heck of a lot. I have to take a day off work to get down there, and book hotel, so it might be worth just doing an out of town run at some point.

Anyhow, the race just about ate up most of Sunday. Nothing too exciting planned for this week run wise. The Bastrop road run still needs to happen, so if you are interested, some potential weekends are looking like June 21 or the weekend after 4th of July. I would really love to get a small group to do it. I am thinking it might be easiest to just leave cars parked at Bastrop and just bring a lot of fluids. We can refill in Buescher park. That saves time tranferring cars. Also, if the day is just hot and miserable we could turn around at any point. I think if I brought a camel back and water bottle I would be fine. Please let me know if you are interested in this, as I really doubt I would do it on my own. I am thinking it would be fun to do some kind of finisher’s goodie too, but I would have to see if I have a few folks interested. So please email me or post a comment if this sounds fun to you.

8 thoughts on “The Loop 30K”

  1. Good call helping that guy at the race. So does this mean ya aren’t going to The Saint? I might go…if my hip co-operates.I would still like to do that run and the June date sounds good. The July 12th date is still up in the air. 😉

  2. ok, let’s say June 21 or 22? Either is fine for me. Y’all tell me what works for you, and I will see if anyone else is interested. Feel free to invite anyone you think might want to come.

  3. 6:30 at the Overlook? I don’t know the route and this is the only place that I have ever parked. Will there be a place to drop cold drinks (maybe a hidden cooler) along the route? I guess if we aren’t going THAT far we should be okay. Something like 10 out and 10 back or is it more?

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