Cabin fever…

These are photos from Mike’s recent trip to Sweden for work. What, am I jealous that Mike is in northern Europe while it is 101 degrees here? You bet! I still run just about every am before work in the sweatfest, it just my other activities that suffer. I was going to ride my bike last night, and take Pancake to Mueller with me, and Mike said I would kill her if I took her for hard exercise in the heat (he was probably right).

I guess I am feeling the cabin fever today, because it just looks like summer vacation won’t be an option this year due to some work constraints. I was a little bummed when I found this out. I was leaning towards visiting the fam in Alaska, and doing the Crow Pass Crossing run.
It doesn’t even have a web site, just paper entries. Now that is old school..and kinda fun. But, it looks like it will have to wait a year.

some good news is that the Bastrop road run is on. June 21st at 630 if that works for everyone. I just need some input from someone who has run there before if we can access the park that early and where is the best place to park and meet. Very cool, something to look forward to. I gotta come up with some kind of participant goodie.

tomorrow is the new ink. Cannot wait. I will post a pic as soon as I can.

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