That which does not kill us…

Uggg, just got back from a nice 100 degree walk at Mueller with Pancake. While I am thrilled to have the trail, it is VERY exposed still, so super-duper hot. It was a very hot weekend. saturday’s run set a new record for humidity I think. today was pretty rough too, although once it got a little later into the run I could feel some of the humidity burning off and it got better. It was a fairly low key running weekend, as next weekend is the Dr. Pepper 10K, and then the Bastrop run. Here is an old picture of Pancake looking confused at Bastrop.

Mark gave me the very good idea of just going ahead and getting a texas state park pass. It is all for a good cause, and I do go quite a bit, although no leash free run there for Pancake. I only live about 20 minutes away from mckinney falls, and might do a run or 2 out there. It takes me almost 30 minutes to get to the greenbelt, so I guess Bastrop is not that much longer of a drive. Can’t beat running in 100% shade. I need something to spice it up a bit, as this summer has me in a bit of a funk. it’s long, it’s super hot, and I feel like I only have work on the horizon. I’ll get over it, but I’ve been pouting all weekend about it.

The birdie tat is healing. I spent all weekend peeling off pink, green, and blue pieces of skin. Weird to peel off a chunk of green skin. I expect it to be gone once the skin peels off, but no, it is still there….much to my relief.

I watched the Pre track meet today on tv, and I am super excited for the olympics this summer. So far the one saving grace of the summer, is spending 3 weeks or so watching all my favorite sports.

so, sorry for a bit of a downer post…not a whole lot going on, and it looks that way for awhile. I will try and come up with some creative material for pancakeiscute, so it isn’t quite so boring.

Have a great week….


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