Dublin Dr. Pepper 10K

One race that has been on my to do list for years is the Dublin Dr. Pepper 10K. True, it is just a 10K, a 3 hour drive away, but the idea of running at the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant in the world, and getting the chance to win delicious Dublin Dr. Pepper (made with cane sugar, and no corn syrup for those who do not know) seemed cool. Plus, those small town races are always fun, without all the hype of an Austin race.
Steve suggested we go this year, and I was in. He volunteered to drive, which was really nice. Steve, Mary and I left Austin at 4am this morning, so I had a 3am wake up call (not so good), but being it was just a 10K, there wasn’t much pre-race prep or worry.

Got into Dublin with plenty of time to spare, and the race crowd was small, but we found out this was partially due to a Runtex bus of 50 or so runners, not making it to the start in time. Looks like that just increased my chances of winning some of the prized Dr. Pepper. Sure, I could just buy it at the gas station there, but wouldn’t it be more fun to win a case?

The temps were heating up, and we were off. It was a nice little jaunt through the small local neighborhood. No real hills. The humidity is much lower in Dublin, so if a breeze hit, it actually cooled us off. I ran my tail off for some of the Dr. Pepper, and kept a 7:30 pace…which for me is pretty quick. Got done, and had breakfast at the only little local joint we could find, and waited to see if I was in the running the best prize ever…Whoo-hoo! 2nd AG, got it! The case of Dublin Dr. Pepper is on it’s way home.

We then decided it was time for a float. Had the best float ever, with Dr. Pepper syrup, vanilla blue bell, and seltzer water. Not many places that make them like that. Not too sweet at all. As it turned out, the bottling plant tours had quite a long line, and so with the 3 hour drive home hanging over our heads, we decided to head home, after Steve posed with some local beauties.

It was a fun race. It is always nice to do a no stress run, and see a new part of Texas. Definitely worth repeating next year.

2 thoughts on “Dublin Dr. Pepper 10K”

  1. Guess who was on that bus? 🙂 We pulled up about 6 minutes after the start (which they’d already delayed by 15 minutes), didn’t even have time to pick up our packets. No chips or numbers, Jeff and Evil had us straight off the bus and running. Basically we all ran as bandits. Still, it was only a 10k, I had some fun chasing the pack down and got to run the 2k with Gavin as well. Stuff like that make for good blogging.Nice run girl – you look well chuffed with your prize!!!

  2. Wahoo! Good job. Awesome award too!! Sorry to read about the bus snafu Mark. They should comp your fee for next year or return your money for this year. Anyhoo…glad to got to run anyway.

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