A picture is worth 1000 words…

Don’t let the picture fool you…It looks nice and serene, but it is really water levels WAY below normal and about 95 degrees at noon. I learned today that it is our 30th day of 100 degrees or more. Remind me why I live here? Oh yeah, I am still waiting for my summer home to be finished being built in the mountains. 🙂

Anyhow, photo is of McKinney falls, first trip with park pass. I go there and Bastrop mostly, but hopefully the pass will encourage me to hit more regularly. We do Enchanted Rock at least once a year too, and it has been a while since Perdenales, so gotta hit that one too. On my to do list: Lost Maples, Dinosaur Valley, and Garner….plus all the west Texas parks: franklin mountains, big bend state park. Those are a bit of a haul though.

Nothing too exciting going on. Summer is a bit of a time here for dormancy for me. With lots of work at work, nothing very exciting to talk about. Still wishing I had a really cool run to do this summer. Sooo, I would like to invite my friends to share their dream runs.. or other (ironman? climb Mt Everest?) Mine are the Le Grizz 50 mile
(can’t really argue with scenery like this, huh?), and Western States, which I will probably never do because it is impossible to get into now….might have missed my window of opportunity on that one. My all time dream vacation is a trip to Yellowstone. Maybe for my 50th wedding anniversary or something….I plan on still being able to do plenty of hiking by then. Place I absolutely have to go back to is southern Utah….can’t even describe how incredible it is there. Anyhow, it is always fun to plan “fantasy trips”…since I would rather do that than shop. see some of you this weekend!

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