The Sweaty Twenty in the pines…

Here are a couple old Bastrop pics for those who have never been there. What a great place to run! Woke up at 430, and of course it seemed like a horrible idea then. I had roped in some friends, so had to show. Mark picked me up at my house, which was super duper of nice of him. we got out to Bastrop in no time, and were treated to low 70 temps. Now, I guess I am more of an ideawoman, than the person who makes it all come together. Mark was that person for this run, ignoring my advice that a camel back would do (good thing he decided not to do what I thought might work). he had a nice cooler full of ice, water, and drinks, we stashed about 4 miles into the run.

We were off, and it felt great. I think all of us were surprised how fast the miles were going, and that this really wasn’t THAT bad (summer temps, plus hills could make this really hard). because the road is so well shaded, it cools off nicely at night, so things felt quite nice the first 12 miles or so. we also had a big mental boost discovering the road was actually only 10 miles. the 12 miles is from entrance to entrance between Bastrop and Buescher. It was a nice challenging, but not hard, run amongst friends. Running along a canopy of pines was fantastic. It flew by. The stashed cooler was a good call, as while not horribly hot, it was very welcome to have cold water and ice.

Got done, and Mark had made great finisher’s certificates…like I said, he gets the organization prize..not me. I was just thankful other folks liked my idea.
We had just the right number of people to keep the conversation lively. All in all, a really nice run that we all agreed was worth repeating.


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