Nothing too exciting going on in my simple life. Here are a couple pics from a weekend in Possum Kingdom, visiting the fam. The turtle literally chased us in the water, begging for a treat. We nicked named him “Frito”, as that seemed to be the treat he liked the most. I believe he is eating a piece of cheddar cheese in this picture.

Started my weekend with a nice pre-dawn 6 miler at Walnut Creek, complete with headlamps, a running partner, and Pancake. Poor Mark turned his ankle bad, and I feel bad it was on my planned adventure. Hopefully if he is reading this, he is back up and running. Only managed a couple 7 milers while visiting family this weekend. Possum Kingdom is like Bandera with a lake, so the roads are quite hilly , and at least I felt like my runs were challenging. It poured Saturday night, so Sunday am, I was treated to very cool weather.

Life goes on in a Texas summer filled with long work days, and hot nights. Mike and I booked a long weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park, and I cannot wait. We weren’t going to do anything this summer, but I thought “Wait a minute….I work hard, life is short, so go for it!” Mike challenged me to the fact I cannot take a vacation without booking a race, and there isn’t even so much as a 10K on this one. I will still be running, if my lungs let me in 7000-10000 ft (we’ll see how asthmatic lungs like that), but if I go slow, I go slow..it is not a race, remember? I’ve been researching hikes in my spare time, and the Glacier Gorge trail seems like a definite.

How could I not be excited about this, as all the creeks I’ve been to lately are dried up?

I’ve been working a little extra lately, but had a last minute decision to take 4th of July off. I need a 3 day weekend, and my last vacation since January when I started this job, was to Boston, and it’s not like that was relaxing. I need to work on not feeling guilty about sometimes putting life before work. I know a lot of my friends who read this are like me. Some of the best career advice I ever got was about taking time off. I was once told “Once that time is gone, it’s gone, you never get it back. You’ll never look back and say “I am happy I worked a lot.” I can say I am happy if I work hard, but that is advice to think about. Balance and keeping it in perspective….

Starting to firm up some fall/ winter running plans, but nothing will get posted until definite. I have to admit, while I was bummed about not doing a summer race at first, the time off races and having to get in 30 mile runs is nice. I think as long as I can keep up 20 milers all summer, I should be ready to transition to some of the tougher runs in the fall. Plus, it is very energizing to have the time off doing a race every couple weeks. Wait a second, isn’t that what the elite runners do? Take a period of time off each year. Maybe it’s for a good reason!

Still working on simplfying my life. After this post, the computer is going away for the night, not to come out again. it’s hard, but we all have our procrastination/ time wasters. I’m slowing reducing mine!

2 thoughts on “Update…”

  1. Love the pictures. Looks like you had a great time at PK. The ankle’s fine – looks a lot worse than it really is. I’d like to do that early morning Walnut Creek run again next week sometime – I’ll email ya.

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