These pictures don’t have much to do with anything going on for me right now, but they are some of the first pictures taken with my fancy camera. In a few weeks I hope to get some great shots in the Rockies of wild flowers, and hopefully some wildlife.
Coming to the end of a 3 day weekend. Can’t really report anything exciting, but sometimes we need that. My goal was to be boring and not book every minute of the weekend. Achieved one goal this weekend: shopping. Did I ever mention I hate to shop? Not sure when this happened. Ok, I like going to buy running stuff, but buying work clothes, or clothes for any occasion that does not involve a pair of running shoes, is just torture to me. Nothing ever fits…at 4’11” I can only shop in petites, which limits me to a handful of stores. Also, clothes just don’t come in normal sizes anymore. WTF is a size 00? Not only am I 4’11”, but I have hips, and years of running has given me thicker than normal legs. All this pretty much cancels out ever finding pants that fit, or at least the pants whose waist fit someone who is 4’11”. So normally, I head out to shop, hit several stores, and go home with nothing, and super frustrated I just wasted half a day. I hit the outlet mall on a whim, yesterday, and had a major score. First store I hit gave me 3 pairs of pants, a dress, 3 shirts, shoes, and jewelery to go with. Done, after just one store. Don’t know when I started shopping like a man, but apparently I do. I also don’t worry too much about what I wear to work. I figure as long as it is professional but keeps a low profile…it will do (I feel no need to call attention to myself with wardrobe). I also don’t work in a creative, or artisitic field, so I always figure, “what does it matter?” Anyhow, this was a HUGE relief. I’d been putting this off for a couple months. And I was at the point where several of my work clothes were faded beyond recognition. Professionalism is a strange thing to me. Why should it really matter what you wear to work? Why aren’t jeans ok? As long as you are doing what you are supposed to it shouldn’t matter, but we all know it does. Maybe someday all employers will becomre progressive and realize people are happier if they are comfortable.

Had pretty good running over the weekend. Lots of road running, so my old back likes to get ache-y. This Friday relief is on the way though: my first yoga class. If it helps your back as much as everyone says, I hope to make it a weekly occurance to perhaps replace on day of running. I have no idea what to expect, so wait and see.

Counting down until vacation! Now that July is here, I am down to just a couple more weekends until I get mountians. Whoo hoo.


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