Ahhh, ha!

I think Oprah is the one who coined the term an “ahhh ha” moment (or maybe I am wrong). Anyhow, had one tonight when my friend Kelli took me to my first yoga class. The short story is about 4 years ago I think I first noticed my back hurting, and it morphed into sciatica. Sitting though traffic or a movie was VERY uncomfortable. Michelle introduced me to getting sports massages regularly and that helped, but long runs still crippled my back. Things would screw it up that didn’t seem like they should: riding in a plane, sitting on a bench at a restaurant, using a different pillow. I was never unable to get out of bed, but I was more and more uncomfortable. Well, at the yoga class I could feel all the tight muscle adhesions coming apart. I could feel my spine decompressing. I know, kinda cheesy, and new age-y, but the truth is, I never realized how much discomfort I was really in until tonight. I kinda had an “ah-ha” moment, that my back hurts most of the time. I honestly almost got teary at the end of the class realizing how uncomfortable I am. Well, I am going to do something about it. I am committed to making this a regular part of my life. Maybe I won’t always be able to attend a class, but I will take enough to at least be able to some basics for my back on my own. I know this is my ticket to finishing rocky raccoon. there is a saying when your back hurts, your whole body is miserable. this is my undoing in ultras. My back starts to hurt early on, and it’s hard to ignore.

Don’t get me wrong, I have it pretty good…I know there are folks out there who truly have chronic debilitating pain, and I am not claiming to be one of them…but a healthy 35 year old, who is supposedly “in shape” should be able to sit through a 2 hour plane ride and not wake up the next day unable to turn their neck.

I also noticed how much leaner the yoga folks seem to be than the running folks. Gotta work off a few pounds in the next few months, and hopefully this will help. then again, I guess you don’t finish yoga with queso, chips, and beer like you do after a 30 miler!

so, if you have not tried anything like this and you are a runner, I cannot encourage you enough. Sure a few gifted folks can run, and run, and never feel the wear and tear, but most of us do. And isn’t the goal always to be a lifelong runner?

Thanks to Kelli for giving me a gentle push…


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