Not much to report here. Nothing big or exciting going on. Trying to keep a low profile before heading out on a 3 day weekend to the mountains in a week! I cannot wait to get in some great running. Did a little homework, and I have a few trails mapped out to try. Been trying to stay late every night at work this week to make up a little of the vay-cay time, and it just hasn’t been happening. Ever feel totally unmotivated? I think I am a little bored at work right now. I am hoping it is a phase.

I am taking my third yoga class tomorrow, so I am doing good so far making it a regular thing. I’d like to go twice a week, but I figure if I make it once, I can live with that. Still far from knowing anything, but at least I recognize a few of the stretches now. I am really liking it. It is like lifting weights and getting a massage all at once. I feel great after wards, and I just know my back is happy!

Did a 19 miler last weekend. Figured it was close enough, and the route ended at 19 and when it is hot, and beaming sunlight, it is hard to add on. This weekend won’t be quite as tough. Just trying to keep a 20 mile base all summer before the 100 miler ramp up. It has actually been kinda nice to not have 30 mile runs booked. It is somewhat refreshing. At night if I cannot sleep, I plot out my 100 miler training plan…inevitably I end up falling asleep. I guess I find planning relaxing! Anyhow, figure I’ve got plenty of time before I put it to paper (or computer screen), but I am laying the foundation now: weekly yoga class, got my road bike back to resume indoor rides on the trainer, plotting out a weekly speed walk…anyhow, gotta a plan for this one, and I intend to make it work for me.

So, since this post makes me seem pretty darn boring, I will end with some things currently on my radar: go see WALL-E, it is the best movie I have seen in a long time, can’t wait for the new season of Mad Men starting next week. If you didn’t see season 0ne, Netflix it, you are missing out otherwise. I am reading A Walk in the Woods for the third time. I love that book…I plan to spend one morning next week wrapped in a blanket, on our cabin’s balcony, with a cup of coffee and that book….

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