Pancake is flexible…

Now that I have become more familiar with “downward dog”, I am loving the yoga. I am up to 4 classes, and I am actually bummed I will not be able to go for a week due to vacation. Not bummed about vacation for sure, but I love that I can already feel I am getting stronger and my back is feeling so much less tight. I really like that I am not at all good at yoga, and it does not matter. I am totally challenged and I am already striving to improve. I bought a yoga mat..and it seems like it makes me sweat more, but none the less, I am at least at the point where I can do some of the stretches at home. Doesn’t even come close to a class, where I wake up sore the next am, but I hope to at least keep my back from stiffening up if I cannot make it to a class…and that is the challenge, clearing a couple hours to go. So phase 1 of 100 miler prep is well under way…..yoga, aka get my back in gear, aka I never knew I was this out of shape, is phase 1.

Phase 2 will be getting reacquainted with my old friend the bike. To build my endurance, and avoid killing my joints, I plan to add one evening a week of a ride or a trainer ride, instead of adding another run. Haven’t started yet, as with vacation this week will be hectic. Plus, I just started yoga..so one thing at a time. Doing this and at least 1 yoga class a week will be a challenge. May not always happen, but I figure 1 evening of each is a reasonable goal.

Phase 3 will be the power walk. This is still a month or 2 off. One morning run will be given up to practice walking fast. I have to see how far I get in the hour or so I have before work. The goal would be to get 5 miles at 12-13 minute a mile. To me, this just makes sense when so much of a 100 is spent walking. I figure when it cools off from 103 freakin‘ degrees at 700pm, I can practice in the evenings a bit too. This seems like it will be a pretty easy thing to add, and should be a fun “easy” day, while still being very productive to the overall goal.

Phase 4, is the long run weekend. Don’t need to start these for awhile, and not sure what the final distance will be. I figure this is the part I have plenty of time to plot out, as I still have several weeks until I need to start gearing my training towards this goal.

So, there it is. The products of insomnia. truth is I think I kinda enjoy plotting out these long runs, and doing the planning.

This photo is from last summer, on a day I remember being insanely hot, and I remember feeling like I had sweated out my entire body fluid mass 2 times over. This weekend’s long run felt that way. There are just some days it ain’t easy in the Texas summer. I guess the happy thought is only 3 more months of summer left! Maybe by late Oct or early Nov, we might get a little break. Ok, that was slight sarcasm.

1 thought on “Pancake is flexible…”

  1. Hi Clea, I hooked up with Mark (Welsh Runner) at El Scorcho last weekend. Mark and I are running several of the same races this year–San Antonio, Bandera, and Rocky. He told me that you were also signed up for Rocky. Maybe we can hook up for a loop around the lake.

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