Not the smartest move…

Mark and I had another Walnut creek run before work yesterday. while I appreciate the company, and it is pretty cool to get in a trail run before an early workday, the 4am wake up just sucks. Anyhow, I guess that goes without saying. The run went well, but it was bound to happen sooner or later that I tripped over something. Mark had already had his fall on this trail, with a huge, swollen ankle being the result. I manged to jam my big toe into a mega tree root (or at least it felt that way, probably wasn’t much bigger than a twig though), and it felt as if I were launched into the air, being catapulted several feet. This is probably not what really happened. I probably tripped over a little twig and just went down. I landed on a part of the trail that was really just a big pile of dust. But, I felt like I had built up the velocity of a crash test dummy. I must have blood vessels made of kevlar, because I never bruise. Now, I feel the bruise, but I never get a big, black and blue battle scar….I will just hobble around the day after a fall without a scratch on me trying to convince everyone I really am pretty beat up. So, this was the case. I can barely touch my knee, but it looks fine. The thing I do when I fall, is tense every single muscle in my body. the next day I always feel like I was hit by a semi, from the super tense muscle hitting the ground at velocity.

I had an off site class at work yesterday that let out at 4pm. It was really silly to go back to work for just a couple hours, so I called it a day, and had the option to go home and take a nap, or go to yoga, since I had almost a whole afternoon. I chose yoga.

Silly me. it was another total ass-kicking class by the yoga place’s (is it called a studio?) owner. Handstand practices, and buckets of sweat later, I am on my home. I proceed to down 2 bowls of chicken and dumplings, a salad, 2 glasses of red wine, and a bowl of green tea ice cream (try the Boulder brand…it is unreal). Not very yogic of me to completely stuff myself. By 930, I had collapsed into bed, too sore to even type an email.

As expected, this am felt like I was hit my a truck. My neck hurts, my shoulders hurt, and my stupid lack of core muscles is so sore again I cannot cough or laugh. The entire scenario is all my fault: trail run in the dark = likely fall. Completely stiff, ungraceful person falling, then going to do the hardest yoga class they are not really even capable of = pain. Oh well, not the first stupid thing I have done, and I am sure it won’t be the last. at least I can type now…

3 thoughts on “Not the smartest move…”

  1. And I bet you’d do it all over again!!! At least you had some chicken and dumplings – the best “feel better” food ever invented.Hope your knee is doing better – I swear that was the same root that got me.

  2. Got your message about Turkey Day. Mansfield is about 20 minutes from our house. Let’s plan to get together. Nell will be fresh off her second marathon, so if she’s not completely sick of running, maybe she will join us.

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