I guess this is what they call training…

Today was an 18-20 miler with Steve and Megan. Yesterday’s run was fairly brutal with crazy humidity. So, I was not super -psyched for today. Woke up this am, ready to roll with a mid run magic bullet packed. (magic bullet-aka Dublin Dr. Pepper). I decided today would be get-er-done mode, where it is all about just finishing what we set out to do. About 2 miles in, I felt a bug or grit or something in my eye. I stopped and wiped it out, and kept on…but the damage was done. In the last few years from time to time, I experience a strange phenomena I call “the eye.” A tiny little irritant enters my eye, and it completely overreacts…it will swell all around the eye, and the inside of the eye, and it looks discolored and bruised. It’s a little achy, but it looks much, much worse than it feels. It is really just incredibly embarrassing. Here is an old picture of me in my old lady pajamas, when I had the eye. Notice there is not much of an opening in that eye, so I can’t really see out of it if the eye occurs. Like I said, it really just very embarrassing, especially when it happens at work, and I spend the rest of the day telling everyone I really am ok, no, it doesn’t really hurt, no, I don’t need to go to the ER, no, I did not get hit, etc., etc. So, I spent the run hoping I would not see anyone I know. This time, I got a bonus, as my throat started swelling too. I had a strange sensation of a lump in my throat, and my voice started changing. Steve and Megan were pretty nice to put up with me. And, that is what the run was really all about…it was great to do a hard one with friends, where we had fun joking and laughing the whole time. Steve had the great idea to go by my car and get sunglasses, and then the eye was much less of an issue. Out of sight (literally, I couldn’t see!), out of mind. The mid run Dr. Pepper helped too, and we finished 19 miles. I was a bit of a baby the last few miles, as it had become annoying squinting out of one eye for the last 3 hours, with a sore throat. So I am calling this silly run Rocky raccoon training run #1. Sometimes it is about pushing on when you don’t really want to. Not that I was that badly off, but when it is over 80 degrees and you can wring out your shirt, you will look for any little excuse to call it a day. Thanks to Steve and Megan for what turned out to be a fun run, on what really wasn’t too bad of a day weather wise (80 at our 6am start, but there was a breeze!)

I continue to spend most of my days with very sore arms. The yoga headstand is kicking my ass. Just when the soreness starts to go away, I take another class, and it comes back. But, my lower back, butt, and hips, are holding up much better on my longer run, so yoga works. Thanks to Kitty for being my frequent yoga partner…

That’s about it…I am using the eye as an excuse to have a lazy Sunday. Olympics today and Mad Men tonight (my current favorite show…soooo good). Later today, Mike and I might go and try the newest microbrew in Austin, 512. A great way to end the weekend.

4 thoughts on “I guess this is what they call training…”

  1. WTF Clea…that is freaking gross. Are U sure that it isn’t serious? But you are in the medical field and know what you are talking about. First a spaz and now a freak. WAY up one on me.

  2. Yikes, you’ve been in the wars this week. After reading about all your woes I don’t have the heart to suggest a Walnut Creek run. Hope you’re feeling better.

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