Odds and ends…

Can we at least pretend it isn’t miserable out? I am burning out on summer. I hit a little microclimate pocket on my run today, and for about 10 seconds there was a slight crispness to the air. I just long for the days of needing to throw on just a long sleeve. I don’t need snow, or frost. Just cool enough for a lightweight long sleeve. I am trying to be an optimist though, and people think I am crazy when I say “Only 8 more weeks of 100 degrees left!” Just trying the glass half full view.

The week has flown by. I went to a weird-o conference on Tuesday. The Texas Trauma Coordinators forum. I realized trauma people are kinda like ultrarunners…kinda weird, geeky, and obsessive in their own way. Except instead of being obsessed with running, they are obsessed with trauma…a little strange. Wednesday I left work early for a dr appt. I broke down and sought care for my strange affliction of my fingertips drying out, cracking open and bleeding, and the accompanying acne and only happens around my mouth, nose and eyelids. Both started together about 6 months ago. Well, I didn’t even know this one, but apparently if you have asthma, take an inhaled steroid, have a nickel sensitivity, and had eczema on your hands as a child, but not as an adult, you are now the perfect storm to get these two seemingly unrelated skin issues at the same time: pseudo-acne only around the mouth, nose, and eyelids, and peeling cracking fingertips, but randomly on different fingertips, not all. very strange, but at least it is a real thing and not just an “allergy”, so I am loaded with creams, and my hippy, anti-western medicine friends will gasp, antibiotics for a few months. Skin is weird…I so envy those with clear skin…ain’t happened for me since I was about 10 years old. Oh well, I know there are much worse problems to have…and that was probably too much info anyways…

Just glad tomorrow is Friday. I know a lot of my friends have been staying up late all week like I have watching the Olympics, and getting 1-2 hours less of sleep a night hit me hard today. I figure I’ll scarifice the sleep for something that only happens every 4 years, but I am ready for something other than swimming…

Have a good weekend….

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