A hint of fall…

For a weekend I had very little planned, it turned out to be a good “pre-RR100” training weekend. Steve and I ran 13 yesterday, and felt pretty good. I tried an experiment and went to yoga right after the run. I was tired, but I am experimenting with ways to get more time on my feet with less miles. I figured the yoga class+run = a good solid 4 hours or so of hard work. I had a few friends over for Olympic viewing, after lots of good food and wine, I ended up in bed kinda late. I woke up this morning with plans to do the greenbelt, but I was soooo tired, and sore from yoga. I considered just doing a quickie around Mueller. My little black and white 4 legged training partner forced me reluctantly out the door. So glad I went. Since today appears to be our only chance for rain in forever, the temps were surprisingly pleasant. We did a nice little 8 mile run at the greenbelt including the grotto, and didn’t see another runner until we hit the hill of life again. It was a great run where I just get lost in my thoughts and never really think about the actual running part, and that I am hot, or tired, or pushing. I was snapped back into reality when I realized the water bottle I’d been sharing with Pancake was just about gone, and knew I would need to wrap up the run soon. It is such a treat to spend the morning this way. I really wish I got to do it more often.

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