The weekend is almost here…

Not much interesting going on for me. This is my last weekend until, “official” training starts, so I plan to have a couple fun, low key workouts, starting with yoga tomorrow night. I better start doing some more races soon, because I realize my blog about running, doesn’t really have much going on these days.

If you have time, check out my friend Melissa’a blog. It has the coolest craft links. They are super inspiring. Unfortunately, I am so bad at crafts, art, or decorating. I will at least pat myself on the back, and say I can cook. But, crafts…forget it. I never make things that end up even close to what I envisioned. I tried scrapbooking for awhile, and I just get antsy to finish, and would lose my “vision” Anyhow, these craft blogs are great, and if you do this kind of thing, good for you..I sure admire folks who can sew and knit.

Have a good weekend…

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