Learning to walk…

Ok, so maybe my walk at Mueller was not this scenic, but the hike and bike there is really shaping up. there is a great section with a rocket ship sculpture and very impressive gardens. I’ll have to take some pictures. It is just a very hot, and exposed walk along Manor road with lots of cars whizzing by to get there. After my run yesterday I came home and got Pancake and plenty of water and decided to do a little experiment: see how fast I was walking these days.

I wore my garmin, and the plan was to see what I could cover in about an hour. Now the goal would be 4 miles in an hour. I wanted to see what I could do walking briskly, but not at an exaggerated fast pace which tends to tighten up the lower back and hips. It turns out I can walk about 17 min/ mile, briskly while remaining comfortable. Gotta get that down a little quicker. So, in an hour, with a couple stops for water I could only cover 3 miles. This is going to be a really fun part of my 100 mile training…learn to be a better walker! When it finally cools down some (hopefully within just a little over a month), I can work on this in the evenings after work too. If I can get it down to 15 min/ mile, I figure I can still keep up a good forward motion pace when night time hits at RR. And, seeing that a huge chunk of time of that race is at night, I will be walking a lot.

I have to confess after the morning’s activities, I felt a little discouraged. I had run about 12.5 before the walk, and while it was not difficult, I was certainly happy to be done. Then the walk, which was slower than I wanted, and today I knew I only had time to run 6 miles or so. Doesn’t really seem like ultrarunning material here. I know I have to keep positive though, and remember that it is a loooooong journey, and that it won’t happen overnight. Plus, long runs in the Texas summer just are not easy. they take an incredible amount out of you, comparative to the effort put in. While I haven’t spent the summer doing mega miles of running, I have been working on focusing my mind. I just have to trust the motivation will be there in another couple weeks when the miles need to start.


4 thoughts on “Learning to walk…”

  1. Get thee to a mall and practice mall walking! HA! Every time I pass a guy walking in a race (when I am walking as well), I tell them they should have spent more time at the mall!Actually I don’t so much like the mall, but I do “walk with a purpose” when I am walking in races and it actually does get you somewhere! I’ll get my best walking skills ready for the middle of the night trek I have planned with you in Huntsville – I’m super excited!

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