Yum, yum, yum…

Here is another totally made up recipe. It is very easy, but you need to shop at Whole Foods or Central Market to make it. Whole Foods has frozen bags of peeled, uncooked shrimp for $10. the sad thing is, that is cheaper now than it is to buy chicken. I’ve made this twice now, and it turned out great. It is one of my easy, make it after work, tastes better than you would think recipes….

Shrimp Spaghetti

1 bag Whole Foods frozen, peeled, uncooked shrimp
Olive Oil
1 bottle good white wine
Whipped butter
salt, pepper, powdered onion, cayenne pepper
fresh Parmesan cheese
1 package Whole Foods spaghetti

Thaw the shrimp. Cook it in the olive oil, and season with all the spices, or whatever you like. Take the shrimp out of the pan, and save any juice it made while cooking. Add about 1 cup of the wine, and about 1/4 cup of the butter, and more seasonings. Turn the heat up, and let this mixture boil away until it gets thick. Cook the spaghetti. Set it aside for now. return the shrimp to the wine sauce after it has thickened up, and add any save “shrimp juice”. Now, pour it all over the cooked spaghetti, and add lots of fresh grated cheese. I found the key to this being so tasty, but so simple is using really good ingredients: good shrimp, good wine, and really good cheese. I served it with sauteed swiss chard, which was super yummy, and looked really pretty when cooked. This makes enough for a couple nights of food.

Training kicks off this weekend! Not sure yet if I have Monday off, but I am hoping to, and that will help make it a good running weekend. Monday is free yoga day, another good thing.

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