This weekend I kicked off my committed 100 miler training. From here on out, I have a plan, and I hope to stay focused. My first phase just calls for 20 mile runs weekend, after weekend. The goal is at the end of September, 20 miles should feel easy. So, yesterday I met with the usual crew for one of Steve’s road runs. We met at Far West for a Balcones run, which is a nice hilly route though one of Austin’s prettiest neighborhoods. I just might be made for the loop format of RR100, because, mentally I do better with lots of shorter loops strung together instead of a big long run. I did 8.5 with the group, then 5 more with steve, and that left me 7 on my own. The loop I added would have left me at 18.5, and I did not want to come up short on my first “real” training run. As with any big undertaking, there are lots of moments of self doubt, and I knew I had to kick things off on a positive note, and hit 20 miles, not 19, not 18.5, but 20. So, I added a little loop on Hart Lane, where on a side street there is a little neighborhood park with a trail. I did this, ran up a couple big hills and came out on North Hills Dr., where I realized I would end up over 20. I lived in this neighborhood a few years, and had many wonderful routes I used to love doing. I guess I went into autopilot on an old route, because I turned the wrong way onto Far West, my home stretch. Didn’t take me long to realize my mistake, but Far West is one of Austin’s notorious hills, and I had a killer hill to walk up (my Garmin had beeped 20 long ago, so I felt no shame power walking these bonus miles). I was out of water long ago, so it was a long, hot thirsty walk back, but I was happy to keep up 16 minute pace walk miles. Made it a little over 22 miles. Whoohoo! First long run, done! all in all, it was not too bad. I was pretty functional the rest of the day, and I am just a little sore in my quads to day, but I think that is from the really steep down hills at the park (it was so steep there were steps), and on Far West.

The main issue with this run, was terrible chafing. It must be nice for some runners who have thighs that don’t rub together, but for those of us who do, I swear, anything over a couple hours, and my skin starts to wear off. I’d like to think this is because of muscle, but let’s face it, it’s fat. So, my wonderful Nike trail shorts, with 2 nice zipper pockets for gels, just ain’t happening on the longer runs. Darn…these shorts are awesome otherwise. Skirts are a no go for really long runs too….they cause the same problem. So, I am still looking for shorts that don’t cause massive excoriation of skin. Not an issue if temps at Rocky permit capris, but I have a lot of long runs until capri weather, and it would be nice to keep some of my skin intact.

This morning, Pancake and I had our usual greenbelt run. It was pretty quiet out there, we didn’t see another runner. I was a little sore, but not bad. Picked up tacos on the way home (that’s part of the routine), and I found myself really longing for summer to finally be over. I had a hot chocolate craving, and hot coco in 90 degrees just doesn’t seem right. Time for positive thinking, as I really think there are only 4-5 more weekends of summer, and then hopefully at least mornings will be in the 60s.

Anyone up for a Bastrop trail run in the next few weekends?

2 thoughts on “Success!”

  1. Chafing – I swear by “Bodyglide”. The best product invented since pepperoni pizza!!!I am up for a Bastrop run too, but would only be able to make it on a Sunday.

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