I am so lame…

Look, it is cold! Just kidding…

So I managed to miss out on free yoga day out of my own laziness. I had a packed weekend with my long run Saturday, trail run Sunday, saw a movie, went to the Zilker Park Cactus show, got up at 4-freakin‘-30 this am to run then go watch the Jack and Adams triathlon. It was fun, and still left me with no desire to do one. I had a big fit that I just couldn’t take another super hot day, since I spent a huge chunk of the weekend over the stove too.

Yes, there was some good eating this weekend. It is Hatch green chile days, and Mike and I always go somewhere for green chile yumminess. Normally I am not the hugest Chuy’s fan, but they totally make kick ass food with the Hatch chiles. We had the best burrito I have ever had, with awesome shredded pot roast meat, chicken enchiladas and queso, all smothered with Hatch green chile sauce. the day before, we went to Mighty Fine burgers spur of the moment. A PERFECT post long run indulgence.

I had already planned on making Deena Kastor’s avocado enchiladas. If you don’t know, Deena Kastor is America’s best women’s marathon runner. Besides the fact that her athletic accomplishments are very impressive, she just seems like she would be a cool person to hang out with. She trains in the mountains, trains with her dog, loves good food and wine, and has excellent recipes on her blog. Well, the avocado enchiladas turned out great. they were a ton of work , and I recommend making them over 2 days. Make the sauce and then fry the tortillas, make the filling and assemble on day 2. They are super yummy. The filling was delicious on it’s own! But, when you live in a little house, deep frying tortillas and having the oven on quickly turns it into a sauna.

After making these, going to Book People for a new book (ended up getting Running with Scissors), I just wanted to chill at home despite the fact there were something like 200 free yoga classes all over town. Well, the nice thing about a 3 day weekend is feeling like you had a chunk of time to do nothing, and nothing is what I did this afternoon and evening (which is why I am on the computer right now). Got a full week planned with volunteer work, a real yoga class, and a 4am wake up call for a pre work trail run (thank you, Mark!) Whew!


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