More training…

I am coming to the end of my second week of RR training. Managed another 20 miler Saturday with little drama. Another town lake run to take advantage of the company of running partners, and feeding off the energy off all the folks out there training.

Part of training is identifying problems and fixing them. Last week’s problem was chafing. This week, I wore my Nike running skirt with hot pants (they are really short, shorts, but I prefer to think of them as hot pants) underneath, and slathered Aquaphor everywhere. It seemed to work! My new problem, or not so new, as I knew I tend to do this, is I don’t eat enough on the run. I eat enough to get through the run, and not enough to keep me going afterwards. I went home, did a few chores, and then started feeling a little fuzzy….that real tired, dehydrated feeling. We tried this little Russian deli’s perogis, which were quite different from the cheese filled polish perogis I make, but the salty meat and dough seemed to revive me. all in all, I was still happy with the results. 2 weeks of good 20 milers in what still is quite warm weather. The mornings are getting a little better and are more comfortable, but we are still a long way off from a crisp, cool morning. I followed things again with another greenbelt run this am, and then later did a short little hike at bull creek. it is not really afternoon hiking weather yet either, but I couldn’t resist testing the waters, now that the 100 degree days seem over.

Finally, congrats to my friend Shan who finished the Wasatch 100 this weekend. I followed the results online, and it is such an inspiration to watch my friends finish these seemingly impossible runs. Amazing!


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