Can’t win ’em all…

Ugggg, not the best RR training run this weekend. In my defense, there were a few outside factors. Hurricane Ike was supposed to dump tons of rain and 50 mile an hour winds on Austin. Not the best running weather. So, I went into the run wondering if I could finish it before the storm hit. I also got a cold at the beginning of the week, and by Friday I was feeling the full effects. I hadn’t been sick in longer than I could remember, so I couldn’t really complain, but still no one likes to spend their week with a head full of snot.

Well, the weather didn’t really hit Austin. I awoke to no wind, and just some clouds, and figured I still probably wouldn’t feel 100% by Sunday, so I might as well just get the run over with. I had company for the first 6 miles. After I said goodbye to Steve, I decided to run the 10 mile town lake loop. Once I hit the eastside I didn’t see a soul. I had a run in with a flock of Austin’s wild parrots which was kinda cool. I started feeling pretty cruddy about this point. I was slow, downing a whole bottle of water every 2 miles, and knew that 20 might just not be a good idea today. I managed 16.5, and then another 2 once I got home walking the hike and bike at Mueller. Uggg, sometimes you just have those days where it isn’t fun. I figure I am a long way off from my event, so no harm done today, but finishing those hard runs really helps with confidence. BUT, I am so early into my training, and if you’re sick, you’re sick. So, I am just not going to beat myself up over this one. I had 2 great weekends, and not every run will be your best.

I woke up today to find my chest now full of snot. The greenbelt didn’t sound fun, so I hit Mueller again. Came home, did a yoga DVD and then later hit town lake with Mike to work on my power walking. All in all, the best weekend I could pull off.

I am super excited that summer is ending. I am definitely ready for some fall racing, and fall weather. I put up Halloween lights today, I just took an apple cake out of the oven (that I will later make a caramel icing for, yum), and there are rumors of morning temps in the 60s this week. Whoo-hoo!

Another aside, for beer drinkers, there is a super yummy new beer. Pinebelt Pale Ale out of Conroe. You can get it at Specs. www.southernstarbrewing.com Always a good thing to support a local brewer. I am not normally a Pale Ale fan, but this one is soooo good. Hopefully someone here will start carrying it on draft.


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