Does anyone have some hot chocolate?

Ok, I really need some new pictures. this is yet another Colorado picture and it is the start of the Colorado river. Kinda cool, huh? It starts as a little creek.

So, I got brave and sent in my RR 100 application. Not like I need to be in a hurry, but once that app is in, it is no longer a maybe but a definite. I find that to be a nice little motivator…to see my name on the website as an entrant. I really was just excited. I find more and more that I just function better with a goal out there.

I am sure most Austinites were as happy I as I was this morning to finally get a break from summer. Despite still being a little under the weather, my run felt effortless. I did my standard Mueller run from my front door, and with no increase in my effort it took 2 minutes less. It felt fantastic. I got to work with cravings for hot chocolate. I hope, hope, hope it stays with us. My AC is off right now, the windows are open, and I not sweating. I think I might have to wear long sleeves on tomorrow’s run…


4 thoughts on “Does anyone have some hot chocolate?”

  1. Hey, so you’re officially signed up. Excellent. It does give you a thrill to see your name on that entrants list, doesn’t it?The weather was great this morning. Long may it continue.

  2. Mmm…hot chocolate. Sounds wonderful. Lets go get one from the Domain chocolate shop! I had to get a latte from the coffee counter at Brack today because I was so cold. Does it get really cold down in the basement?

  3. Welcome (officially) to the RR100 party. I was sidelined this weekend by a mild case of the stomach flu–which conveniently arrived during my long run attempt. I managed 18 miles before walking it in. How the heck am I going to run 100 miles in less than 6 months?!?!?

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