RR100 training week 4…

I can’t believe this is week 4 already. Managed another 20 on Saturday with little drama. A couple lessons were learned: I didn’t eat enough when I finished and later that night took a major nosedive into sleepiness and overall feeling like crap. I need to start getting off the roads some too. My knees are getting a little achy from 4 weekends now of long road runs. Now, I need one more 20 next weekend, then an easy weekend when I am out of town, and then I kick off the next phase of training and up the miles a bit. It is going by fast.

This am, Shan was able to meet me on the greenbelt for 6 miles, and Pancake and I were happy to have company for a change. I got to see her terrific photos of the Wasatch 100, which I will never do. A 36 hour time limit tells me some people will take that long, and I would likely be one of them. Too long for me!

I got home, and Mike and I headed out for Perdernales. I hadn’t been out there in awhile and needed to take some pictures. The water was low, as expected, but still beautiful. It was actually pretty hot out there, and a long hike sounded rather unpleasant. It is completely exposed there. We managed a few good shots and some time climbing rocks. There is a bird watching area that is new since I was last there. It is a little hut with a glassed in front, overlooking a little fenced off area with water and seed for the birds. We saw a lot of birds just sitting there for a few minutes. Then on the way home we stopped at the Nutty Brown Cafe and had homemade fried okra and blackberry pie.

So, overall another good training weekend. I didn’t catch up on a wink of sleep, but what else is new. I am ready to start training week 5!

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