Nikon D50 RIP…

So no need to rehash what I’ve already rehashed a million times, but through a series of unfortunate events, I no longer own a Nikon D50 camera or a laptop computer.    This is one of the first pictures ever taken with said camera, and that is a real mushroom Mike and I spotted at Huntsville State park.  I would also like to think that karma is a bitch to whoever broke into my home and tortured my dog to steal the Nikon.   While I have never been a great photographer, owning a nice camera certainly opened up some possibilities, and it was a really terrific investment.  I will be getting another one soon…..Ok, moving on…

Did my last 20 miler in phase one of my training.  Next weekend I am out of town for work, and not sure if I’ll be able to run, and if I can certainly not 20.  I was a little tight at the end, but I had missed yoga this week, so I wasn’t surprised.  But, I did it.  It is nice to have completed the first chunk of training.  
Not much else going on.  It was a slightly crappy week for an assortment of reasons.  It was nice to run this morning.  I would like to thank my friends that, while they never say it, I know adjust their running to join me on what ever I have planned out.  Company is nice.
Hitting the greenbelt early tomorrow and then a busy week before heading out to San Diego for work…where I will really be in a class the whole time and not really exploring.  That is ok though…I am not much for the beach anyways.  Looks like a Bastrop run this month, so good times are on the horizon…


1 thought on “Nikon D50 RIP…”

  1. Somebody broke into your house? So sorry…Have fun in San Diego and I’ll be up for a run the weekend after if y’all go somewhere. Right now I’m in the *lounge* having a J.W. waiting for my flight to Tokyo. Coming home. Wahoo!!

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