Second thoughts…

This week I am having major second thoughts about RR100. Maybe I have other things on my mind, maybe the major time suck that training for 100 miles creates has gotten to me, maybe it seems too obsessive, maybe it seems silly all of a sudden, I am not sure why I thought “WTF am I doing!?!” Maybe I’ll get over it, maybe I won’t. Damn that concurrent 50 mile race! Makes backing out an option. Uggg!!

Also, electronic gadgets need to stay away from me. First my laptop is gone, then my camera, and now my beloved Garmin is dead after only 10 months. I’ve been told by other people they don’t last long, but 10 months!?! Seems a little short. Of course it under warranty still, but the receipt for it is long gone…

Anyhow, I know all this sounds a little negative, and I don’t want it to come off that way. I just ain’t feeling 30 and 40 mile training runs at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Second thoughts…”

  1. Chin up. I’m sure you can do it! Good News — Bill says that he can get ready for flip-cup by himself and so I can act as Sunmart support crew if you guys don’t mind an extra.Steph

  2. Do you think the awful humidity we’ve been having this week has something to do with the funk?Re. the Garmin – do you know about the secret button combination that can reset a “seemingly dead” Garmin? I think you need to press the “mode” and “reset” buttons together and then try to power it on – I’ve used it successfully several times. That said, I’m also on my 5th Garmin in about 4 years. Garmin customer support are really good though – they replaced all the broken ones free of charge even though my last one was out of warranty.

  3. Yes…more yoga. In my training my long runs are a max of 20 miles, makes the weekends a little available to do *other* things. But then again, I’m not podium material that way. You’ll be fine!!

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