Weekend fun run…

I just noticed today is the IBM 10K. I also was thinking how much MORE fun my morning run was than the 10K (which runs through a mall and IBM
property..how boring is that?). Mark R. was kind enough to meet me for a greenbelt run. We did the grotto loop in perfect weather. What a fantastic morning! I think this was the weekend all of Austin has been waiting for since April. I saw Mark L. on the trail too, and he is trying to talk me into doing the double decker after Sunmart (more on that in a minute), and Mark R, tried to talk me into Far West/ Ladera Norte sometime….so the lesson learned is guys named Mark must enjoy watching me suffer. Hehe…actually I am flattered either one of them thinks I am tough enough for such endeavors, as I don’t always feel that way!

Saturday went much better than last weekend. I got about 22, with 18 miles of running, and about 4 of power walking with friends at the end. After a quick shower, Mike and I headed back to Town Lake for the Tour De Fat, a beer/ biking celebration put on by New Belgium brewery. We walked a couple more miles to get to that, and I didn’t bring a wallet with me, so no ID = no free yummy beer (all the New Belgium brews were on tap for a $5 “donation” going to bike related charities) Maybe for the best, as beer is never a good way to rehydrate. It was a very cool event, that I hope comes back next year. I also considered another 3-4 miles for the daily total. Mike and I later had barbecue and 512 pale ale, which has really grown on me. Then we went and played a round of disc golf, which isn’t really my thing, but Mike is a fanatic, so I humored him with my 10 over par on each shot. What made it better than last weekend, is despite a full day, I didn’t feel so spent like last weekend. I really felt fine all day. Maybe training works?!? (and I tried an ice bath….talk about suffering…..)

So, looks like I am in for Sunmart 50K. My friend Meghan showed some interest and I think she would be a natural for ultra running, so I told her I would do it with her. Plus, I don’t think 50K will burn me out too much on Huntsville S.P. Should be a lot of fun to “only ” run the 50K (and you still get a cool blankie at the finish!)

So, time for a Sunday of household chores/ fun. Gonna try and put together some tofu enchiladas green sauce. We’ll see, my experiments do not always work. Mark also pointed out it is time for pumpkin goodies, so maybe some bread or cookies. Mmmm…..

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