I get by with a little help from my friends…

Uggg, this morning’s run wasn’t the best ever.  This week was a little overwhelmed with other appts, so I knew I would miss yoga this week.  Bad training incident #1.  Next, I didn’t have my usual group to hook up with for long runs, so I was thinking I would be doing the whole thing solo.  Bad training incident #2.   Luckily, at the 11th hour, Wesley and Joe (aka Wesraven) agreed to run about 12 miles with me.  We actually had fun running through south Austin, checking out the day of the dead decorations of south Congress.  As we approached the capital, we had to plow through the Lance Armstrong 5K, and I jealously watched Wesley hurdle over jogging strollers with ease while the masses reduced me to walking in spots.  I said good bye to Wesraven and headed back to the Rock, for a shot of Dr. Pepper and another 7 miles to hit at least 20.  It went just fine..there was some kind of huge high school crew meet, derby, contest, whatever, not sure what the right term is.  But once again, I was dodging parents with folding charis and Starbucks, surly teenagers, and designer dogs.  I looked at my garmin and saw I was running 8:15 miles (which is fast for me at mile 17) and I knew it was because I didn’t want all the high school kids to think “Check out the old lady running,  why don’t these slow old people just give it up.”  At least I didn’t want to appear too pathetic.  The goal today was 25 or 20 plus yoga class.  Well, neither happened.  I finished at 900 and to rush to yoga after 20 miles, a couple of gels in my stomach, and then endure an hour and a half of total ass kicking headstands, sounded, well, horrible.  There was a fresh pot of Ruta Maya dark roast coffee waiting at home, I was hungry, I stunk, I’d been up since 430 and I said “F— it.”  So, looks like it will get tacked onto tomorrow’s run.

I also realized this is a little hard for me this go round, because I don’t really have a consistent training partner.  I am doing a lot more on my own.  I enjoy the little bursts of company, but a 25 mile run is a lot easier when you are meeting a friend and you push each other through.  I think that is why my first Sunmart was really not that hard to train for.  I had someone roped in for every run.  I think I might have to toss a couple races into my training, just to get a little help with my long runs.  
I also had to remind myself this is a long process.  It is only late October.  I still have Nov, Dec, and about half of January before starting to taper.  The longer stuff will happen.  I am doing the best I can under my schedule limitations, and desire not to give up my whole life to one hobby.  If 100 miles was easy, it wouldn’t be a challenge, and isn’t that why I am doing it?

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